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In 2007, we constructed the first LEED certified GOLD house in Connecticut.  The home truly reflects our on-going passion for building extremely durable, energy-efficient, comfortable and healthy homes.

Built To Last

Building a truly durable home is much better for the environment than rebuilding periodically because of a failing structure.  To meet our durability goal, the house above was constructed to meet the most stringent residential building codes (2012 IRC, 2012 IECC) in CT, including a stronger structure to withstand high hurricane winds and exterior insulation outside of the wall sheathing to prevent condensation, and subsequently mold/rot, within the walls.

Zero Energy Ready

Using energy typically entails extracting and combusting fossil fuels, which has a negative impact on the enviroment.  Obtaining the fossil fuels means disrupting natural settings via digging or drilling, which leads to water and air pollution.  To reduce the above home’s energy needs and meet our energy efficiency goals, the house was designed and constructed to achieve LEED, NGBS, EnergyStar, and DOE Zero Energy Ready residential standards.

Healthy Environment

While an energy efficient home needs to be as airtight as possible, the lack of air leaks can result in a home with poor indoor air quality as a result of both building materials and occupant activities.  To meet our HEALTHY HOME GOALS, the house was constructed with many low-VOC, GreenGuard-certified components such as insulation, drywall, joint compound, and floor finishing.  Additionally, energy recovery ventilation was installed with dedicated ducts to remove the commonly most troublesome air (humid air in bathrooms) and supply pre-conditioned fresh air to the home.

The home is a reflection of our desire to try to substantionally reduce our impact on the world, thereby benefitting our children, grandchildren, and all future generations.

The home’s oak flooring was harvested from the clearing of the lot itself. By allowing the lumber to be 7 different widths, the maximum amount of lumber was obtained from the logs. Glastonbury Housesmith did a great job working with the multiple plank widths to create a seamless hardwood flooring installation.

Don Moore

5th Generation Owner, Moore’s Sawmill

Bob immediately recognized the value of  a Thermomass centrally insulated foundation. With no foam on the exterior, insect/rodent infiltration is eliminated.  With no foam on the interior, no internal space is lost, the potential for condensation and mold behind the insulation is eliminated, and insulation off-gassing is not an issue.

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Job TITLE, Purinton Builders

Glastonbury Housesmith chose aluminum roofing shingles because they last 70+ years, unlike 20-25 years for asphalt shingles.  Aluminum roofing is also unaffected by hail and is fully recyclable when the time finally comes to replace it, while asphalt shingles are hazardous waste which is disposed of in landfills.

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Job TITLE, Classic Metal Roofs, LLC

Glastonbury Housesmith worked with GMI Solar to construct and install a solar PV array on a steel pole with dual-axis rotation to follow the sun and maximize the electrical power generation. Given the free energy supply, the garage was designed to support charging all-electric or plug-in hybrid cars by providing a 240-volt outlet at each parking spot!

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Job TITLE, GMI Solar

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